Services for the month of March 2018 - Year B
Services will be held at 11.30am - unless otherwise stated:

Sunday 4 March 2018              3rd Sunday in Lent                    (Violet)                       Holy Communion 2      Page 201
76      Sweet is the work, my God, and King                WAREHAM          
Psalm 19                                          
Epistle 1 Corinthians 1: 18–25
248     We sing the praise of him who died                 BRESLAU
Gospel John 2: 13–22
432     Love is his word, love is his way                       CRESSWELL                               Offertory Hymn
343     We love the place, O God                                  QUAM DILECTA

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Sunday 11 March 2018              Mothering Sunday                    (Violet)                       A Service for Mothering Sunday     
106     O Jesus, King most wonderful                           WILTSHIRE
Sunday School Pupils                                          
543     Lord of the home, your only Son                      WARRINGTON                        Offertory Hymn             
361     Now thank we all our God                                 NUN DANKET                        

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Saturday 17 March 2018 (7.30pm)  St. Patrick's Day                    (White)                   Holy Communion 1      Page 180
460      For all your saints in glory                               CRUGER       
Psalm  145: 1-13                    
Epistle 2 Corinthians 4: 1–12                   
611      Christ be beside me                                         BUNESSAN
Gospel John 4: 31–38                       
103      O Christ the same                                            LONDONDERRY AIR                   Offertory Hymn
643      Be thou my vision                                            SLANE

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Sunday 18 March 2018            5th Sunday in Lent - Passiontide   (Violet)                  Holy Communion 2   Page 201
55        Let this day be holy                                          NORTH COATES     
Psalm 51: 1-13                                    
Epistle: Hebrews 5: 5–10
241      Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle              HEINLEIN
Gospel: John 12: 20–33
426      Jesus, to your table led                                     ST. PHILIP                                  Offertory Hymn
259      Christ triumphant, ever reigning                    GUITING POWER

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Sunday 25 March 2018            6th Sunday in Lent - Palm Sunday   (Red)                    Holy Communion 2   Page 201
with His Grace, The Most Reverend Dr Richard Clarke, Archbishop of Armagh
238       Ride on, ride on in majesty                            WINCHESTER NEW               
Psalm 118: 1–2, 19–29
696     God we praise you! God we bless you!          HYFRYDOL
Gospel: Mark 11: 1–11
431      Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour        REGENT SQUARE                        Offertory Hymn                            
570      Give me joy in my heart                                   SING HOSANNA                         

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Holy Week - Monday to Good Friday     Daily Devotions at 8.00am

Thursday 29 March 2018 (7.30pm)         Maundy Thursday                     (Red)                Holy Communion 2   Page 201
268       Hail, thou once-despised Jesus!                     HYFRYDOL              
Psalm  116: 1, 10–17

Epistle: 1 Corinthians 11: 23–26
630     Blessed are the pure in heart                           FRANCONIA
Gospel: John 13: 1–17, 31b–35
433      My God your table here is shared                  ROCKINGHAM                             Offertory Hymn                            
244      There is a green hill far away                           HORSLEY                        

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