During this season of Remembrance

We Remember

To the Glory of God and in proud and loving memory of the following Parishioners of Christ Church who gave their lives in:

The Great War 1914 – 1918

Pte. John Burke
Pte. John Chambers (Jun)
Pte. Joseph Chambers
Pte. George Caldwell
Pte. William Donnelly
Pte. Joseph Graham
Pte. William Hanna (Jun)
Pte. William Hanna (Sen)
Pte. George Henning
Lieut. F. W. Knott
Pte. James McCulla
Pte. Thomas McLoughlin
Corp. James McCambley
Pte. Charles Morton
Pte. Isaac Robinson
Pte. Joseph Selby
Pte. James Sharpe
Pte. William Jas Thompson
Pte. William Williamson

and in the Second World War 1939-1945

Sergeant    Samuel Joseph Weir (R.A.F.)

"Waxed Valiant in Fight"     Hebrews 11: 34

in Northern Ireland from 1969

John Bryans

Robert Chambers

Kenneth Worton

above at Kingsmills, 5th January 1976

Constable Hugh McConnell

17th June 1978

George Hawthorne

5th October 1979

Their name liveth for evermore